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Boy Scouts

Doodles can help your Cub Scout pack members earn their badges, learn new skills and create projects during Fun Programs. If your troop is over 10 boys and you would like to schedule a day for either a Belt Loop/Pin or a Fun Program for just your troop, contact Doodles.

Doodles offers Fun Programs for Tigers, Bears, Wolves, Webelos and Boy Scouts. These programs are not requirements but can be an award to celebrate, learn a new technique or just as an event or fieldtrip. Den leaders can call to reserve a date and time for which Fun Programs your boys are interested in by reviewing the list below.



Art Belt Loop    $10 per head

Art Pin              $12 per head

(Belt Loops/Pins are not included in cost of program)



"O...Mazing Origami"        Origami Paper Projects        1hr.            $12 per head

"Duct Tape Art"                 Duct Tape Wallet                  1 hr.           $12 per head

"Play with Clay"                 Sculpting                               1 hr.           $12 per head

"Hippie Dippie Tye-Dye"    Tye-Dye a T-Shirt                 1.5 hrs.      $12 per head

"All About Me"                    Booklet & Self Portrait          2 hrs.         $12 per head

"Earth Day Paper Capers"  Papermaking                       2 hrs.         $12 per head